Battery-electric vehicle (BEV) drivetrains have come a long way. Ten years ago, Ontario, Canada-based MEDATech Engineering pioneered the technology for heavy-duty industrial vehicles. Today, the company’s ALTDRIVE division builds BEV systems that have become the gold standard in several industries, notably mining. This is the same system you’ll find in every Terra EV truck.

Vehicles that work the way you do

Every Terra EV truck starts with a Western Star XD, the gold standard for off-road vocational trucks. Terra trucks are extremely rugged, with battery-electric drivetrains built to last twice as long as a diesel drivetrain. And because their powerplants are engineered for ultra-fast charging, there’s no compromising performance. Our trucks typically charge at load and unload points, and during breaks that occur throughout the work cycle.

By charging for a few minutes at a time, battery levels stay optimized, with a longer half-hour charge required only once every 24 hours. And if loaded trucks go downhill and come back empty, regenerative braking can take care of most charging needs.

Our technology

ALTDRIVE drivetrain systems consist of a gear-free electric motor matched to a lithium-ion battery array. Every array is engineered for the intended use and duty cycle of that particular truck. Secondary systems include vehicle and temperature management systems, a regenerative braking system, an electrical control system and an information-rich graphical user interface.

It may sound simple, and it’s true that our customers find that Terra EV trucks ‘just work’. But for us it’s the culmination of 10+ years of engineering, design and testing. Everything about Terra EV is built to last. But it’s good to know that at end of life, our batteries are over 90 per cent recyclable. They are also certified conflict mineral-free.

All Terra EV major components (cab and chassis, batteries, electric motors, chillers, power electronics, vehicle management systems) are made in North America.